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Changing Your Dialup Access Phone Number

If you are already set up for JTAN or LineX and want to change to the new phone numbers, follow the steps below.

  1. Pick a Phone Number for your use. On the dialup access page you will find an index of phone numbers listed by state. Find a number near to you. Check with your local phone company to be sure that the number is a free call for you. Be alert for numbers in unfamiliar area codes that may actually be local calls.
  2. Change the phone number used for access in your PC configuration. How you do this depends on your Operating System. Under many MS Windows versions this can be done by clicking "My Computer" and then "Dialup Networking". Then right-click on the icon for your dialup connection. Select "Properties" or "Edit Entry" to get a dialog for changing the phone number.
  3. Be sure your name servers are assigned automatically. In the same panel you use for setting the phone number above, you should find server or TCP/IP settings. Be sure that "Name servers" or "DNS Servers" are assigned automatically, and there are no specific IP addresses listed for DNS servers. If there are actual IP addresses listed under name servers on your PC, delete them and be sure that "Name Servers assigned automatically" is checked. You might also need right-click on "Network Neighborhood" and visit the properties page. Then under TCP/IP->Dialup Adapter again choose properties. Under the DNS page, choose "Disable DNS". Again, the goal is to get your name servers assigned automatically.
  4. Original JTAN dialup users should be sure that their username for dialup purposes contains the "@linex.com" realm suffix. For example, if you are an original JTAN user and your dialup login name was "juliat" then you new dialup login username is "juliat@linex.com". This has nothing to do with email! Your email remains "juliat@jtan.com" if that's what it was. You only need to add the "@linex.com" realm suffix in one place -- your dialup login username. LineX users should already have the "@linex.com" realm suffix on their usernames. If they don't, they need to add it too.
We apologize if these instructions aren't exact enough for your operating system. We especially apologize if they don't work! You might try the automatic setup program for Windows. That can usually straighten most configurations out. Alternatively, you could contact the company that sold you your PC or operating system. Yes, we understand that they don't answer their phone and have no interest is helping you with problems that their product might have.

We, on the other hand, do answer our phone and sometimes can render useful advice concerning the products of other companies. Please, if you have any trouble reconfiguring to use the new JTAN/LineX numbers, simply contact us for assistance.


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