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Coast to Coast Dialup Internet Access

Local Numbers Throughout North America

LineX JTAN is proud to offer Coast to Coast, North American High Speed Dialup Internet Access through LineX Communications. With nearly 3000 access points just a local phone call away from most anywhere in USA, and from much of Canada, you can easily use our system to connect to your JTAN account, or to anywhere else on the internet, from local access numbers around the country.

Easy to Add Option for JTAN ProWeb and ProShell Customers

If you have an existing JTAN ProWeb or ProShell account, or a LineX or Webtrafix hosting account that doesn't already include dialup service, you can add coast to coast dialup to your account for an additional $9.95/mo. Simply visit your Members page and add the Nationwide Dialup to your account. Full terms and conditions here.

Find Local Access Numbers in Your State or Provence


Setup Instructions

If you are already set up for JTAN or LineX and you just want to change phone numbers, click here for special instructions.

Setting up your PC for dialup access couldn't be easier with our automated setup program. You can download the program directly from our server, or we would be happy to mail you a copy of it on a disk. Once you have the setup program, the rest is easy. Just run it and follow the prompts.

Download the Dial-Up Networking Setup Program

You will be asked for your username and dialup password. You may also need your Windows installation CD if your computer needs to have network components added. Once the installation is complete, there should be a "JTAN LineX" icon on your desktop that you can click to connect to the Internet!

Manual Setup for Windows

If you prefer to do the setup manually, here are exact instructions for some versions of Windows.

Manual Setup for other Operating Systems

JTAN is happy to have you connect using other operating systems than these. Unfortunately, there are simply too many operating systems for us to give exact instructions. However, if you can't find the information you need to make a connection on this page, or in your Operating System's documentation, we encourage you to contact us. If we can help, we will.


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