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JTAN CD-ROM Writing Service

As a service to JTAN Pro Shell members and others, we provide a CD-ROM writing service. With this service, you can bypass the bottleneck imposed by slow telephone modems. We download the URL's you want directly to a CD-ROM, then we then deliver the physical CD-ROM to you. Alternatively, you can download the files you want to a directory in your Pro Shell account, where we can copy them to a CD.

File sizes must total less than 600 Mb, the size limit of a CD-ROM. Unless otherwise specified, for maximum portability disks are written with both the international standard ISO-9660 HSFS format as well as Microsoft's incompatible "Joliet" format.

The fee for CD-ROM writing is $9.95 for JTAN Pro Shell members, and $19.95 for non members. There is a $5.00 shipping charge for the US and Canada that is waived if you stop by and pick up your disk. Please Contact us for details if you need non-US shipping.

To begin specifying your custom CD-ROM, click the button below:

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