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All Pricing is Subject to Change Without Notice

Basic ProWeb Account

The basic ProWeb account is $10.00 per month. The many features bundled with ProWeb accounts, used or unused, are not billed separately. No credit is given for bundled features that you do not use.

Features Individually A La Carte

The following pricing is for JTAN products, accounts, and features purchased separately. Also listed are billing and service fees and penalties.

SKU Description Payment Term
130250Domain Registration$2.00 1 month
130347Domain Registration - Annual Subscription$24.00 12 months
130350Tor Hidden Service$2.00 1 month
130351Tor Hidden Service - Annual Subscription$24.00 12 months
130279Premium Web Site$3.00 1 month
130349Premium Web Site - Annual Subscription$36.00 12 months
130237Declined Charge Fee$4.00  
130286Data Storage Over Quota Per GByte$5.00  
130256MySQL Database$5.00 1 month
130348MySQL Database - Annual Subscription$60.00 12 months
130204Password Letter Reissue, USPS Shipping$16.00  
130238Service Re-establisment Fee$16.00  
130220Restore From Backup$32.00  
130352Custom Hidden Service Domain Name$32.00  
130252Returned Charge or Check$50.00  
130251Administrative Support$95.00 1 hour
130257Emergency Administrative Support$195.00 1 hour
130258Service Disruption Fee$200.00 1 hour

Payment Terms

Unless otherwise stated, payment terms for all accounts are net 15. Overdue accounts may be suspended until payment is received with no credit given for downtime. No refunds are issued on overdue accounts.

All accounts are subject to other fees and charges above and beyond the basic account fee. These fees are due net 15 days from the last day of the month in which they were incurred.

Data Transfer and Storage Charge

All users are subject to a data transfer and storage surcharges above and beyond the basic account fee. Data storage includes web site, email, MySQL databases, shell accounts, and logs. Data transfer consists of web server or ftp server transfers, mail server, chat, or VPN transfer, or any other sort of transfer from public files in a user's account or any program he or she runs. Incoming and outgoing data transfer both count.

For any transfer or storage beyond the limits included with the basic account, additional data units must be purchased in whole units of 1 Gigabyte (1073741824 bytes). The very first byte stored or transferred in excess of the limit requires the purchase of another whole Gigabyte unit for the month. A whole unit fee is due regardless which day of the month the excess occurs, and a whole unit fee is due regardless of the duration of the overage. The fees are not pro-rated or adjusted if you beg and plead, so don't bother.

For each additional GByte needed each month, there is a fee of $5.00.

Data transfer and storage fees are subject to change without notice.

Billing Penalties

There is a $50.00 fee for a returned check or chargeback. For a declined credit card there is a $4.00 fee. If a customer is delinquent and does not pay fees in a timely manner, their service may be terminated by JTAN. To re-establish service after a termination, there is an $16.00 service re-establishment fee.

There is a $1 fee for paper invoices mailed to a US address. For international deliveries of paper invoices, the fee is $2 to most countries.

Up-grades and Cross-grades

To change to a different account type, you must purchase a full term of the new account. Credit is given for unused time in your old account.

Domain Registration and DNS Service

Domain Registration may be sold separately or in combination with DNS Service. These may be included as part of various account packages. The fee for domain registration sold separately is $24.00 annually (or higher for certain premium top level domain types). The fee for DNS Service alone is $36. Some accounts (e.g., ProWeb) include DNS service and domain registration for free for some limited number of domains.

Administrative Support

Admin fees may be charged for things such as switching domains, secondary domains, switching usernames, special mail, DNS, or webserver configuration, and other tasks. These are quoted on a case-by-case basis. If for some reason you need the OS reinstalled or repaired on your dedicated server, this always invoves an administrative support fee.

Normal administrative support service that can be performed on a sheduled basis during normal business hours is billed at a rate of $95.00 per hour for direct labor, plus any material required billed at cost plus 20% markup.

Emergency support may be provided after hours on an immediate emergency basis. JTAN does not guarantee the availability of emergency support. If available, emergency support is billed at a rate of $195.00 per hour for direct labor, plus any material required billed at cost plus 30% markup.

Other Fees

If a user deletes or loses a file or directory and requests that file or directory restored, there is a $32.00 fee.

If a user forgets or loses an account password, the user may have to re-apply. If so, there is a $16.00  re-application fee. This fee includes delivery of a new password letter. Users with JTAN signed PGP keys do not need to re-apply or pay the fee, as their passwords can be reissued by email.

Service Disruption Fees

In cases of damage or service disruption caused by hackers to JTAN machines or networks, or to machines or networks owned or operated by JTAN customers, JTAN may bill responsible JTAN users for service disruption. This fee is billed in cases where a JTAN user is found directly or indirectly responsible for the attack, including, but not limited to, cases where the JTAN user ran a high risk application, such as an IRC "bot", that was attacked, or operated software on a dedicated host without installing currently available security patches.

Service Disruption Fee: $200.00 per hour, for each system disrupted.

Fine Print

Refer to our
fine print for policy fine print.

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