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Q: What about private internet access from work?

We have many privacy features. Depending on where you work and what you like to do, some, or all may be useful to you. First of all, once you ssh to your shell account, you have all the power of an OpenBSD system at your disposal. So all Internet apps that run on a shell can be used.<P> If you aren't allow to install SSH software on your PC, we have a Java SSH client that you can use to SSH with any Java compatible web browser. If you want to use your PC based browser, we support SSH port forwarding, so you can tunnel through an SSH connection through our servers and out onto the net. We support SSH on the normal port 22, but also on port 443 in case your firewall blocks port 22.<P> We also have an http proxy that we run. You could direct your tunnel to the proxy first before going onto the net. Or you could use Programs like Slipnot to run lynx as a proxy. And we have BNC style IRC bouncers to redirect IRC chat. SSL protected webmail. And more...
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