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We don't mind answering questions by email. You can contact us by email, and as anybody with a JTAN account will tell you, we always answer email quickly. In our answer to your email, we try to include as throrough an answer to your question as we can possibly give. However, questions are plentiful but time isn't. To save everyone's time, we have collected many of the most frequently asked questions and provided answers in one central location. You save your time and our time by looking at that collection before you send us your email question. When you have a question relating to JTAN, the first place to look for the answer is our compendium of: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions at JTAN.

News and Discussion

If you want to know the latest goings on at JTAN, visit the JTAN News Page. This is a good place to find out if there is any sort of JTAN network outage, or to learn about the latest new features we have introduced.

Other Userful Information and Resources

Our FAQs contain only summary answers to common questions. For information in depth on various topics dear to the heart of JTAN members, you would do well to search through some of the following documents. After all, that's what we usually do when somebody asks us a specific question.

Be sure to read our Terms and Conditions document. It has the final say on any policy issue.
  To request additional information about JTAN .that is not covered in these FAQ's, contact us.

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