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Q: Can I share this account with family and friends?


Well, that's a bit terse. Let's put it this way. You are responsible for your account. We don't care if you lent it to a friend and he used it to break into the FBI data center, or you did it yourself. The account is history. And if we see connections in from various IP addresses at the same time, the account is history.

So if you need help setting up something and a "close personal friend from IRC" volunteers to help you, think again. This sort of thing is not permitted. We don't give a refund when we nuke an account because we discover it was being shared.

Some people think we're kidding with this "no-share" policy. They think we really mean is that it's OK to have the "close personal friend from IRC" help them set up their bots. They think we won't notice when an account "supposedly" from New York shows ftp connections from Bulgaria. If they think that, they are wrong. We will notice, and odds are we will kill the account first, ask questions later.

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