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Q: Why are your passwords so wierd? Can't I have a password like bob6 or carol that is easy to remember?

Short answer: No.

If your account is compromised, you will blame us. Even if you are enlightened enough to realize we are not to blame if somebody steals your weak password, you will likely take your business elsewhere after you are robbed.

Therefore, for your protection, and our protection, we require strong passwords.

Maybe you don't realize how easy it is for todays GHz speed computers to rip through all "memorable" passwords. Maybe you don't know that every trick for generating memorable passwords has a corresponding exploit used by password crackers. I'm afraid that the only secure password is a fully random one. Our randomness is top quality. We trust our business to it.

I'm afraid our policy on this point is strict. All passwords are random. We do not recommend that you change your Members or any other password unless you feel it has been compromised. We also recommend that you keep the password page or letter that you were issued in a safe place. We do not send out copies for free. If you are an anonymous user, if you lose those passwords, you have lost your account.

We also recommend that if you have a PGP/GPG key, you have it signed by us. If you lose your Members password, we accept our signature on a key as proof you are our customer. But that's the only alternative proof we accept, especially for an anonymous account.

By the way, folks at JTAN use Palm computers to remember passwords. It's a very convenient and secure method. Most of us use a program called "Strip" that uses AES to encrypt your passwords with a master key. Strip is available here: http://www.zetetic.net/products.html[faqref faq=154 cat=3 prog=JTAN][/faqref]

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