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Q: Somebody sent me mail and I didn't get it. What's wrong?

Errors in sending are easiest to trace from the sending side. If sending fails, the error is often only logged on the sending side. It would be best if the sender could trace the problem with her ISP. If, however, you want us to trace it, you will need to give us complete and exact information about the send attempt.

The best thing to give us fro tracing a failed send would be the complete error log from the sender's SMTP server. If you can't get that, at least give us the exact error message received on the sending PC (if any). We also need to know the "From" and "To" email addresses, the senders SMTP server hostname, the name of his ISP, and the exact time (to within 10 seconds, with time zome) that the sending attempt was made. Without all that information, we won't have enough to go on. Even with that information we may not be able to find anything if nothing was sent to us.

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