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Q: What is Web Site Forwarding?

Web Site Forwarding is a useful feature available to JTAN customers with ProWeb and ProShell accounts and to customers who have parked domains. With Web Site Forwarding, you can 'forward' all hits to a domain to a web site of your choosing. This means you do not have to have an actual web site setup for that domain. To setup Web Site Forwarding, you must have your domain name pointing to JTAN's parked server. If JTAN is serving your DNS, simply login to the Members Area and edit the DNS for your domain you would like to forward. Change it so the 'CNAME' record is pointing to our parked server, parked.jtan.com. Once this is done, you can then continue to setup a 'Web Site Forwarding' feature from the 'Full Listing of services' page. If you have a parked domain with JTAN, chances are your DNS is already pointing to our parked server. In this case, all you need to do is setup the Web Site Forwarding feature; you do not need to update any DNS configurations.
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