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Q: How do I access my JTAN Account?

There are many different ways to access your account depending on what you want to do. One of the first things you should do would be to visit your account through the Web via our Secure members area at


You should be sure all your contact information is correct and that your account is configured as you like.

If you want to reach a shell prompt, you can use SSH to connect to your shell machine. If you aren't familiar with SSH, we have a good set of information links on ssh at our ssh information page http://www.jtan.com/resources/ssh.html . If you do access the shell prompt, we very much encourage you to use SSH rather than telnet as it has many security advantages. Please don't telnet to some other host and then SSH into our machine. That defeats the whole purpose.

We also support FTP currently, specifically for publishing web pages, although this is being depreciated. We prefer you use scp or some other more secure form of FTP.

For reading your mail, you have many choices. The simplest is to use the web based mail reader at


Look at some of the related links below for more information about mail.

Users that don't have internet access by some other means, can get TTY mode dialup access to JTAN through our phone numbers listed here: http://www.jtan.com/resources/phones.html

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