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Q: How do I setup a RealChat room?

Setting up a RealChat Room is easy. Login to the JTAN Members Area page.


Under the features column, look for "RealChat Room". Click the add button.

There will be three input areas. The first is the RoomName. It must begin with your username and then a dash, then the name of the chat room. So say your username was "john" and you wanted to name your chat room "hangout". You would fill in "john-hangout".

The next field is for your web site. If you have only web site, it will be a text box, and you can leave it as it is. If you have more than one web site, there will be a drop down box. Please select the web site you would like to install the chat room to from this list.

Finally the last field is the directory you want to install the chat into. If you have only one web site and you haven't manually changed your document root, the chat must be located in /home/your_username/public_html/directory_of_your_choice. If you have multiple web sites, make sure that the directory you choose is in the document root of the web site. If you accidentaly choose a wrong directory, the Members Area will alert you about the error and will let you fix it automatically.

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