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Q: Can you email me my new account password.

We offer two methods of password delivery for new accounts. What method we can use depends on your choice of payment method. If you choose to pay by cash, check, money order, e-gold.com, or bank wire, you can get your passwords online from the secure web site when you sign up.

If, however, you choose to pay with a credit card, or credit card equivalent service like PayPal, we must ship your passwords to the CONFIRMED billing address associated with that credit card. Please understand that we don't make the rules credit card companies have established for using their system.

So it's your choice. If you are in a hurry, the fastest way to get an account is with e-gold. The second fastest is by sending us a Money Order with an overnight courier, or sending payment by bank wire. Credit Cards can be fast if you choose to have your passwords sent to you by overnight courier.

It's important to emphasize that these rules only apply to new accounts. Once you have established a credit rating with us, we accept credit cards and other equivalent payment methods without any fuss.

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