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Q: What are sub-domains? How can you offer unlimited sub-domains?

A subdomain is another web site with the same domain name "suffix". For example, if you have the registered domain, "yourdomain.com" and serve a web site on "www.yourdomain.com", ProWeb accounts can serve a different web site on "different.yourdomain.com" without any special configuration changes or fees.

We have a magic system setup which will automatically convert a sub-domain address like "something.yourname.com to a sub-directory address like http://www.yourname.com/something. You only need to request for this system to be setup once, and from then on

"absolutely-anything.yourname.com" will

forward to


We can set it up so that either something.yourname.com will stay as something.yourname.com in the address bar, or that something.yourname.com will change to http://www.yourname.com/something.

Some users prefer one sort of subdomain rewrite, other users prefer the other sort.

When something.yourname.com stays like that in the address bar, it opens the folder /something. /something now becomes the "document root", and if you were to link to "../index.html", it could not open http://www.yourname.com/index.html. When somethingelse.yourname.com forwards to http://www.yourname.com/somethingelse, you can link to "../index.html" and it would open http://www.yourname.com/index.html.

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