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SPAM and Virus Filtering at JTAN

No, it's not your imagination. Over the last few months the amount of SPAM (unsolicited commercial email advertisements and solicitation) has increased dramatically. Inkjet cartridge ads, get rich quick schemes, porn sites, scams, Viagra, and even shameless ads for spam services themselves have been raining down on us in a daily deluge of noxious text.

Although every reputable ISP in the world prohibits spam, and no reputable company advertises with spam, there seem to be enough disreputable ISP's and companies to support the flood of spam we are seeing. And now the USA has actually legalized spam.

Worse than spam are email-borne viruses. This is a plague of truly biblical proportion. Even though savvy users have had anti-virus software on their PC's for many years, there are enough unprotected systems out there to propagate email-borne infections widely, draining resources and impeding the flow of honest mail.

Here at JTAN, we want you to know that we are fighting back against this annoying trend. We have carefully designed our mail system to combat spam and email-borne viruses. We have evaluated the available anti-spam and anti-virus technologies and implemented the best we could find. These include dynamic tarpits, filters, and other features and techniques to tag spam and quarantine viruses. Our system protects your inbox, while at the same time protects free speech and minimizes legit mail mistaken for spam.

Click Here to Learn How to Configure your JTAN spam-virus filters.

Recently we have added a new weapon to help you fight the battle against spammers, as well as for enhancing your privacy. JTAN now supports disposable email addresses.

Our antispam-antivirus features are available free of charge to all JTAN users. We want ProShell and ProWeb accounts to be as spam free as we can reasonably make them, and we hope that their junk-free quality brings us more business from customers that appreciate the value of a junk-free email account.

We must emphasize that just because we offer anti-spam measures to our customers free of charge, that does NOT mean that spam is without any cost to us, to our customers, or to society. Everyone loses when resources that might be used otherwise are deployed to battle abuse by free-loaders. Bear that fact in mind when you read the spammer claims that spam doesn't cost anybody anything. We do our best to protect the right of free speech by following the best practices proposed by the EFF. But speech isn't free if it arrives postage due. Write your legislators and tell them how you feel. Free-enterprise is one thing, but free-loading and fraud are quite another. It costs all of us all a LOT. And it's costing us more every day. We applaud the efforts of organizations that are leading the fight to combat spam. We urge you to support them in any way you can.

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