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Secure Shell (SSH)

SSH is a secure replacements for telnet, ftp, rsh, and rcp. All communication using SSH is encrypted using strong, modern ciphers and protocols. No JTAN hosts permit telnet, and we are phasing out the use of ftp. For more detailed information about how the ssh-protocol works and what benefits it provides, please read this very nice FAQ.

SSH Applications for your PC

You can get ssh applications for virtually any operating system. Here are some links to SSH applications that you can use with a JTAN ProShell Account.

Some of this software is illegal to use in the US and other countries. If you are unsure, check with your President, Prime Minister, or other representative of your local govenment.

  • Probably the most popular free ssh for windows is PuTTY. It works with win95,98,NT and now includes tunneling support. Very simple to use.
  • This ssh tunnel for windows is commercial, but it looks pretty slick.
  • You may want to have a look at this "package" from Australia.
  • MindTerm is an somewhat FREE SSH client program written in Java.
  • Modern Macs should have ssh out of the box, but even older Mac users can SSH: try here or here.
  • A Windoze NT port of SSH.
  • Some more Palm OS ssh programs here.

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